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International Panflute Festival - Edition I - Moldiva - Teachers students participants

About International Pan flute Academy

Welcome to the home page of the International Pan flute Academy. It was created in 2020, under the impetus of Raluca Patuleanu Negura and Stefan Negura, it succeeds the Belgian Panflute school created in 1996, in order to give itself a more international dimension. It offers the possibility, to its future students, to learn the pan flute, but also the Romanian flutes such as the fluier and the caval, in the form of a classic and complete teaching program, as in any other structure of music education.

Teaching philosophy of the academy

Our teaching philosophy is based on fundamental principles implemented 40 years ago by university professor, Ion Negura, in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

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Academy's goals

International Panflute Festival - Edition II - Belgium - Teachers students participants

Festival & Concerts

Organize of festivals, concerts, with great pan flutists from all over Europe but also with the best students of the academy.

Lessons - International Pan flute Academy

Lessons & Seminary

Learn the pan flute, the fluier and the caval, thanks to various formulas of individual courses and seminary.

Scores - International Pan flute Academy

Scores & audios mp3

The academy offers its students the purchase of scores and mp3 audio of classical and traditional music.

Pan flute, fluier and caval lessons

Cours apprendre leçons learn courses Lessons leren lesen panflute flûte de pan panfluite

Through the international Panflute Academy, you can learn the panpipes, flier and caval, while being able to enjoy the health benefits that breathing techniques bring but the spiritual benefits that this brings because the music played on this instrument comes from the soul.

Cours apprendre leçons learn courses Lessons leren lesen fluier caval

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